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For today’s leading companies, everything published about you — by anyone, anywhere at any time in the world — can affect the future success of your business.  Communication is faster than ever before and today a multi-faceted way of interacting with stakeholders worldwide. Now, Executives need more powerful resources to stay on top of daily news coverage.


Summaries of relevant topics and stories

We provide you with tailormade summaries of the most relevant publications for your business on a daily basis. Extracted by industry leading AI, analyzed and refined by human data experts. Revolutionizing your consumption of daily press reviews, so you can focus on what matters most.



High-quality strategic media review

Only we combine tech and talent to provide you with accurately analized and highly relevant results. The days of result pages filled with mediocre information and unspecificly extracted data are over. The Executive News Briefing is your new go-to-source for best-in-class media analisys.



Essence from earned and owned social media

Listening and trend-setting has become a crucial part for the success of brands on social media. Today it is the most important source to interact directly with consumers and customers. We provide you with in-depth analysis of your most important accounts and channels.


Editorial Summaries

More than Just Monitoring

Our multi-lingual cross-media editorial summaries are compiled and written by experienced senior editors from dedicated industry teams. They know what’s relevant for top-leaders and their teams.

We provide you with both high-level summaries for a quick read and links to original content if you'd like to dive deeper. To stay on top of everything daily you also have access to dedicated overview-summaries for all your topics.


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Your daily roundup: Compiled abstracts will provide you with all the informations you need to know on single publications.

What's in it for you:

- Consume reviews in your personalized magazine

- AI extracted, edited by human experts

- Look & feel that is not only contemporary but functional, just like your favorite news apps



Specialized topic summaries: We extract the data you need. Choose your relevant topics with the help of industry expert analysts.

You don't know what's relevant? Our Consultants help you identifying what you need to listen to.

What's in it for you:

- Summaries of the most relevant publications on specific events or any range of topics

- Analysis that can drive your entire Corporate Intelligence, from Supply Chain Management to Brand Awareness

Full Media Review

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Precise Insight into Global Media Buzz

Each day, UNICEPTA delivers countless media reviews to leading companies around the world.

With AI-powered crawling technology and supported by experts who know your business and industry, we capture relevant content from 460m global media sources:

- News agencies, print, online, broadcast and social media

- National, local, trade and consumer outlets

Social Media

Your Instant Access to Activities, Stories & Influencers

With the UNICEPTA Executive News Briefing you get an instant view of the social buzz surrounding your company, brand and influencers.

See all relevant and most engaging posts from owned and earned media. And gain insights on your most important KPIs whether it's reach, virality or engagement.

Unlock smart insights to measure, sharpen and improve communications and deduce new strategies to maximize your outcome.

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Combat your Daily Information Overload



Get a one-stop-shop for all your monitoring needs – delivered in a magazine-style interactive solution.



Keep everyone well informed across teams, divisions and regions – delivered at the time of your choosing.



Benefit from data-driven insights from industry-leading AI to capture opportunities and mitigate risks.

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UNICEPTA doesn't just provide me with data, but with relevant insights. For my team, the services are a great added value and it saves us time as well.
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The team meets needs of insights analysis in all aspects, shows excellent professionalism and service attitude.
Sihui Qi
Brand Reputation Manager
When it comes to important strategic questions relevant to communication, UNICEPTA works out tailor-made analyses for us quickly and to the point, which support us significantly in our daily work and planning.
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Christoph Sieder
Chief Communications Officer

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